Do you Valentine?

I’m not an over the top, cheesy, lovey dovey kind of person. I’m just not. And it was still a great day. Valentine happiness came my way in the form of flowers and cupcakes and cookies and dinner and wine. And more importantly, the people behind them: roommates, boyfriend, co-workers, piano students, and Oma.









The cupcake is from a piano student. The petals are marshmallows, cut diagonally, and dipped in sprinkles. Ingenious, no?

Haven’t had enough talk of love? Check out these links for some well-written, encouraging content. Regardless of the state of your love life. Promise.

Linford Detweiler, of Over the Rhine, wrote this beautiful letter yesterday. The opening greeting is poetry.

Emily compiled a list of relationship advice. Advice that applies to most relationships: family, friends, housemates.

February is Library Lover’s Month. Ever borrow cookbooks from your library? Give it a shot! I hear the library is an untapped resource…



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