101 Recipes Challege Update

Way back in the day, Emily and I decided that we needed a challenge. We wanted to learn how to cook basic foods. You know. Meals and dishes and desserts that everyone should know how to cook. And so, the 101 in 1001 recipes challenge was born.

The 1001st day: August 13, 2013. I have a little over a year and a half. And 77 more recipes to make. I’m behind!


Never fear, a little fast math, and I figured out that I only need to make one new thing a week. That’s totally doable.

The problem: I have 96 recipes on my list. This is 101 in 1001. Not 96 in 1001. Just doesn’t have the same ring.


Where you come in: Help! I need 5 more ideas for quintessential recipes that everyone should have available in their back pocket. Feel free to link up to your blog or another person’s blog, if that’s easier, or just shout it out! I need 5 more ideas. This is what I have so far. What am I missing?

I wanna know: Your recipe ideas! Share in the comments.

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