Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee

This week, I got to tour a coffee plantation. So cool! I’ve never heard so many numbers and statistics and words that all related to coffee. I can’t remember a thing! All I know is that it tasted oh-so-good.

This is Dave, owner of Heavenly Hawaiian. He so kindly toured us around his home and his land.

That’s what a coffee bean looks like when it’s on its tree. When it’s red, it’s ripe and ready to be picked.

After being picked, it gets hulled from the red shell, and this is what is left over. It all gets laid on these floors to dry. Every hour or so, someone needs to go rake the beans so that they dry evenly.

Under the tan casing, the raw (green-ish) coffee bean resides.

It then gets bagged for shipping to a vendor or roasted on site.

Coffee cupping! The best part. Dave and his wife kindly invited our whole group into their home and served us coffee that had been grown and roasted on their plantation.

Can’t argue with the view off their beautiful porch!

4 thoughts on “Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee

  1. the best coffee in the world is Hawaiian coffee! I am partial to Kauai coffee (and Kauai honey, for that matter). Do you know how to make a “coffee cabinet” (it is a drink, not furniture!)? See our WordPress blog, kauaikolea.wordpress.com, for Kauai Konfidential….all things Kauai, including a tour of our coffee plantations! (Plus, we have great chocolate, too….who says Kauai isn’t heaven — coffee, chocolate, sun, surf, and honey….)

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