2012 Goals

New year. New grace. New gratitude. New goals.

Bring it on!

Adventure and travel:

  • Hike Knobstone. Memorial Day weekend.
  • Roll my kayak. Kyle has already been conscripted to teach me. Just have to get the boat to Northern MI, or talk him and Darcy into coming to visit.
  • Camp/backpack at least 4 separate weekends. Even short trips to close by destinations make for a wonderful reprieve from reality.
  • Travel to North Dakota.
  • Jump off a cliff.


  • Triathlon. For real. I have my eye on a couple in late spring/early summer.
  • Food. Continue to eat, grow and preserve lots and lots of real food.


  • Practice generosity.
  • Build and stick to a reasonable budget.
  • Take more pictures of the people I love.
  • Secure gainful employment for the fall.

I hope that 2012 will be a year full of adventure, happiness, restoration and celebration!

I wanna know: What are you hoping for this year?

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