So far this Christmas….

So far this Christmas vacation, I have….

…taken a few naps. On the couch. Wrapped in a quilt. The best.

…wrapped presents, watched Elf, and decorated a few Christmas cookies.

…met Emily for breakfast at the Blue Heron. Her most recent post is exquisite.

…gone running. No more cast for this girl. Not only am I walking, I’m running. I have sparkly visions of races in my future.

…finished a knitting project.

…started reading One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. It’s beautiful.

…made some really awesome pizzas with the boyfriend for some really awesome friends. And drank too much wine. It’s Christmas, after all!

…made these (recipe forthcoming):

In short, Christmas has been wonderful so far, and we still have a couple more days to enjoy it!

I wanna know: What have YOU done so far this Christmas? Share a favorite or two!

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