The Friday Randoms

It’s been a pretty long week in my world. As such, I’ve decided that the myriad of thoughts floating through my brain can be called nothing but The Friday Randoms. It’s diagnosed. Now it’s a thing. Watch it sweep the nation.

I’m in Chicago, running a booth at a band and orchestra clinic. It’s exhausting. I’m tired of standing.

I enjoy taking the train around town. Not driving is kind of nice.

I saw the lovely Sarah tonight. And drank Goose Island Green Line IPA. It’s not bottled for sale and that makes me pretty sad. Click here if you’re wondering why they don’t bottle this delectable brew.

When it’s raining sideways, there is no amount of umbrella or raincoat that will keep you dry. Just give in.

I only have one more day and 7 more hours of the expo, and then I get to hop in the car and drive to Iowa. I’ll be there for 3 full days. Glorious. There will be a date night and a huge ole pot of white chicken chili to be had.

I ate some pretty tasty curry at this Thai place with Sarah. It’s on my 101 list, and I should do something about that and actually make some.

Brahms’s violin sonatas. Enough said.

I think Trader Joe’s is most favorite place to buy groceries on this planet. I just love it so.

I wanna know: Something random. Spill in 3….2………1……………….GO!

2 thoughts on “The Friday Randoms

  1. I hate that there is no Trader Joe’s around here. (Or within a 10 hour drive, because I’d seriously consider road trips if there was one!) If you ever want to do a TJ’s exchange in which I send you amazing homemade things and you send me Trader Joe’s loot, I’d be soooo down! 😉

  2. Christin, it’ll be awhile until I’m at a TJs again 😦 For future reference, do you have favorite TJs loot? I’d be game to get some tasty homemade things!

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