Here we are: the month of joy, cheer, sugar and snow. Happy day!

This is a crazy month for me. I intend to:

1. Rock my travel agenda: Indiana–> Chicago (conference for work)–> Iowa–> Indiana–> Michigan–> HAWAII! That’s right. Hawaii. You’ll hear more about that one later. Trust me.

2. Cook. Even though I’m traveling a lot. Before I leave, I want to tackle:

  • Homemade noodles (to make up for last week’s epic fail)
  • Croissants (with the roommate!)
  • Roasting a whole chicken (also with the roommate!)
  • Butternut Squash (they won’t be good when I get back in January)

3. Throw world’s most wonderful Christmas party with the roommate. Make gingerbread men for the party. Because they’re awesome, and I’ve never made them before.

4. Go snowshoeing in the Manistee National Forest (Michigan). Here’s hoping for a white Christmas. So far, it’s not looking super promising that we’ll have accumulated enough snow.

5. Eat well and manage my budget well this month, in the midst of tasty goodies and lots of time on the road.

6. Go through all possessions and declutter my life. If I don’t want to box it up and move it in 8 months, then it’s being sold or donated or handed down NOW.

7. Stay active. 20 workouts between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m four workouts in, 16 to go.

Friends, I’m so excited about all that this month is sending my way. There is so much happiness in it, I’m about to burst.

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