November recap

I have this theory that time goes faster when you look back than when you’re looking ahead. You know? Look back a month, and you wonder where it went. Look forward a month, and you think it’s never going to come. Am I the only one? I say this because I was convinced that Thanksgiving would never come. I was so excited, and time seemed to drag. And now, here we are, decidedly after Thanksgiving, and rocketing ourselves toward Christmas, with a snowstorm to prove it.

  • I didn’t get to all of the cooking I meant to, but I did a fair amount!
  • I attempted homemade noodles. They were pretty much a fail. I’ll try again soon. Promise!
  • I didn’t soak beans. I’m going to finish up my canned stash before I soak. But I will!
  • I swam as much as I could, especially when I first got my cast off. It was such a great feeling to get into the pool and MOVE. And then I got a sinus infection. That ate up the rest of the month, and I just didn’t feel like getting in a cold pool.
  • I stuck to my budget, and even came out a couple hundred dollars ahead. Let’s hear a three cheers for having a side hustle or two and watching my outflow like crazy.
  • I just bought my 2012 planner. I’m such a dork, because it makes me so happy. I can’t wait for January 1 when I can start using it!
  • I made homemade laundry soap, and have decided that I love it.
  • WALKING! I can walk. Friends, it’s the best.
  • And the best part of November…I had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Happy last day of November, everyone!

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