Coffee Confessions

Confession is good for the soul.

I’m drinking tea right now in an effort to combat my sore throat. Vitamins+gargling salt water+drinking tea=avoiding the cold I’m afraid is coming. Right?

Back in the day, I had no idea how to cook with spices. So I didn’t. I’m not really sure how I ate. Spices are the best thing ever. And you really can’t go wrong. If you are afraid of spices…..don’t be!

Speaking of, if you make your soup or mashed potatoes too salty, just add a bit of sugar. It counteracts the salt, and makes it taste less salty.

Countdown until Thanksgiving: 10 days.

Swimming rocks. I discovered that I can kick again. Until this morning, I’ve been using a pull buoy. My right leg is pretty weak, but it’s getting there. The phrase, “I run because I can” has a whole new meaning when you can’t. I’m oh-so-grateful to be able to move again! And so, for me, right now, I’m changing it up to say, “I move because I can.”

I intended to make apple fritters this weekend. I didn’t. But I did make some applesauce. Yum….

It’s been over 3 months since my last haircut. When your hair is above your shoulders, that’s not a great game plan. I have an appointment tonight, and can’t wait!

Have a great Monday!

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