November might be my favorite month. It’s all Thanksgiving’s fault. I really, really like Thanksgiving. More than Christmas. Don’t hate.

This month, I’m going to cook a lot to make up for the last 5 weeks of lost time. I can’t wait. Here’s the list:

Also, in this lovely penultimate month, I will:

  • Try my hand at soaking beans so that I never have to buy canned again.
  • Swim 3 times a week (8 day countdown until the doc gives me the thumbs up to get into the pool!)
  • Stick to my budget.
  • Purchase The Perfect Planner for 2012 and transfer information into it.
  • Attempt homemade laundry soap
  • Walk without a cast? Hopefully!


I wanna know: What is your favorite holiday?

Like I said….my heart belongs to Thanksgiving. A close runner up is the 4th of July!

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