Knitting is trendy

Not much has changed in my world. I still sit on the couch a lot. And my foot still looks like this:

As of Sunday night, however, I’ve joined the world of Those Who Knit. It’s been pretty great, so far. Is it a hobby that I’ll continue once I can walk again? Not sure. But for now, it’s great entertainment!

I’m attempting to make a coffee cup cozy, inspired by the Coffee Confessions button. It’s a nice, beginner project. It’s varied. It’s small. It won’t take me years to complete. Sweet.

The first try was an epic fail, so I quit and start over. My second attempt is going much better.

A friend of a friend got me started on the project, and since then youtube and have been extremely helpful in getting me out trouble when I run stuck. If you want to pick up a winter hobby, start doing your research and jump in! I have a grand total of $4 invested in this project, so it hasn’t been costly and has provided hours of endless entertainment for this gimpy girl.

If you try your hand at knitting and want to make something more unique than a scarf or a coffee cup cozy, check out penguin sweaters. They exist. Seriously.

Have a great weekend!

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