Coffee Confessions

Here we are again, guys. Monday morning. I’m making it a point not to hate on Mondays. Attitude is everything. Fake it ’til you make it. Say it ’til you believe it. Yup.

I learned how to knit yesterday, per some of your suggestions for sedentary projects. I’m a rock star. I’ll take a picture when I actually create something. Currently, my record is knit two rows, take one out. You might be waiting awhile.

I go through phases in my music tastes. This summer, it was country. Now, I’m really digging Mumford and Sons, Green River Ordinance, and the like.

I’m wearing a new-to-me sweater. I really love finding great, new-to-me clothes. This one is a keeper.

Two rumors: the price of peanut butter is going to go up, and we’re in a pumpkin blight. Neither of these pieces of information is good news.

This is my 250th post. Crazy.

I can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. It’s been a decade. At least. This year, that’s going to change.

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