Monday’s Coffee Confessional

It’s Monday. I have a death grip on my coffee cup. Might as well do some confessing.

I hate being laid up. It’s really a control issue at the heart of it. Now, I’m dependent on other people. This bothers me. And makes me grumpy.

It’s a good thing that I have some of the best friends and family a girl could ask for.

I like tuna. Until recently, I didn’t. But now I do.

Have you seen these? I want one. I like books of the real variety, but this looks pretty awesome for traveling and portable 3G.

I also like pumpkin pie and all things flavored like pumpkin pie. Much like tuna, I used to hate pumpkin flavored things.

I wanna know:  Do you have anything random on your mind that you feel you should confess this morning?

If you’re a blogger, head on over to adelynSTONE to get in on this week’s blog hop!

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Coffee Confessional

  1. Sometimes the good Lord sents us on a mission which we always dont understand. Your mission just might be to learn to accept the gifts of other which just might be waiting on you and helping you! You may be the vehicle He uses to touch someone you dont even know. Hows that? Do I get some pumpkin pie?

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  3. Pingback: A Touch of Grumpiness. « Ralphie´s Portal

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