October is here. And I’m ringing it in like nobody’s business: I have a splint on my ankle. Yeah, that’s right. A splint that won’t come off for another week and a half. A splint that will only be replaced by a permanent cast. A splint that won’t allow me to put weight on my right foot.

Many thanks to my little sister for the nail job!

Why the splint? Well, I dislocated my peroneal tendon. In case you were curious, I don’t recommend trying this at home. In case you were wondering, this does take some of the luster out of my fall plans. Not all of the fun, just a bit.

In the meantime, I’m being showered by flowers and friends and love, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

In October, I will:

  1. Attend two weddings: one of a dear friend, and one of an uncle.
  2. Cook… somehow. It might be a week or so before that happens.
  3. Be grateful.
  4. Graduate from splint to cast, which means I will have more mobility and freedom (crossing fingers).
  5. Learn something new (knitting? Dutch?) I’m taking suggestions.
  6. Work on toning my abs and arms. Why not?
  7. Rock tree pose on my left leg.
  8. Learn more about soaking beans.

I wanna know: What hobby should I take up for the next few weeks? The only rule is that it’s something that I can do while I sit on my rear on the couch.

8 thoughts on “October

  1. I broke my ankle 12 yrs ago. In November, and it made it very hard to Christmas shop. That’s the year I discovered the joy of online shopping! -it could be a hobby…

    I also costumed a show during that time and had to learn to push the pedal of the sewing machine with my left foot (awkward). I had a student who basically became my personal assistant which made it a whole lot easier.

    Take up knitting! I just learned and am working on a scarf. It’s fun, and very portable….for when you become more mobile. šŸ™‚

    • Wah! Thanks for the encouragement. I suppose you’re right, this could definitely be happening at a worse time. I’m hoping that driving becomes a possibility here soon. Maybe I will take up knitting…can youtube teach me?

  2. I suppose you’re looking for a useful hobby – so no flower pressing or stamp collecting or learning to draw silhouettes. Just guessin’ here.

    I suppose the knitting thing is a good idea. Quilting is also an admirable hobby. Perhaps I could bring you a sketch book and some art pencils and you can become famous for drawing sketches of the views out your window.

    Evidently giving your blog a make-over is also a new hobby. Nice!

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