September recap

September turned out to be an awesome top off to a great summer! We’ve officially entered fall, and I’m ready for the scarves, apple cider, and pumpkin rolls. You with me?

September was full of road trips, and there is nothing that I like better than a good road trip! First off, a road trip to a wedding.

And then, a road trip to Minnesota:

I cooked some veggies.

And did some more canning. And some freezing. And made some jam out of elderberries.

I’ve taken more pictures this month. And now have them all organized in folders on one computer, instead of spread out over two computers, a flash drive, and a memory card. Maybe I’ll even print some off and frame them. That would be pretty ambitious of me 😉

Thanks for a great summer, 2011!

I wanna know: How did you bid summer farewell?

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