It’s the first day of September. Welcome!

August was an all around winning month. I spent time in Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Mississippi, and drove through all the states in between. I watched movies, laid in parks, rode a Ferris wheel (twice), learned how to change the oil in my car, had people over for dinner, hung out with the family, enjoyed many-a campfire, watched the stars, wished on a shooting one, made new friends and spent time with old ones. I wouldn’t wish for a single thing more out of my month of summer.

I canned. Tomatoes! And I got them at a bargain price, if I do say so myself.

As far as my professional life is concerned, I’m on LinkedIn. I didn’t update my resumes, but I am all prepared for this semester of piano lessons.

In August, unlike in July, I actually cooked a recipe or two of my 101 in 1001. Most notably, I made pasties. Twice. I also made some ginger cookies. And homemade tomato sauce. Once I get around to blogging the cookies, I can cross that recipe off the 101. Because those cookies were a winner.

With August behind us, here comes September. The bottom third of the year two thousand and eleven. The month of fall’s advent. Crazy.

  1. I’m going to travel to Virginia this weekend and Minnesota in 2 weeks. Camping. Hiking. Wedding. Canoeing. Good friends. After this month, I’ll stay put for awhile. Promise.
  2. I want to make as many veggie dishes as possible this month with all of the farmer’s market goods I can find, including a tasty tomato recipe I found in this month’s Whole Living magazine.
  3. More canning and freezing.
  4. I want to take more pictures. Pictures of people. I have a pathetically small amount of summer pictures.
  5. Also, I’m going to get into a routine of cardio and strength training that will carry me through the fall.

I wanna know: Are you excited about fall’s arrival? Or would you like summer to stick around longer?

One thought on “September

  1. Oooo… mixed emotions on my part. Although my summer meant long work hours, and some pretty busy days – it meant lift stopped. With my vacation, my personal life started again, which I immensely enjoyed. Fall & new interns always means my professional life “starts” again – but I was kinda sorta getting addicted to those long days full of reading, cooking and little hiccups of housework.

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