May Flowers

Like I’ve said, time is flying. I’m pretty sure that it will continue to fly straight on until August. That’s my prediction. In the meantime, I still mean to conquer a bunch of awesome stuff.

  1.  Skydiving. It didn’t happen last month because of high winds. Better luck next time?
  2. Cooking. I want to make yogurt in a slow cooker. I want to make something killer out of rhubarb. Maybe pie.  In other foodie news, I’d like to find a grill for the summer. I’m stalking craigslist as we speak.
  3. Running. Keep running. The roommate and I are going to run a 5k in June. And I need to get in shape for it.
  4. Garden. Transfer sprout babies into containers or a raised bed somewhere. Also, purchase a couple of tomato plants.
  5. Vitamin. Take a multi-vitamin everyday. Health. Wellness. Stuff.
  6. Rocking chairs. I picked up a couple of broken porch rockers off the curb, and want to start refurbishing them. They need to be put back together, sanded, and repainted.

It’s going to be a great month. Not a bunch of spare time, but still a good month.

I wanna know: Do you take a multi-vitamin?

2 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. Multivitamins typically make me nauseous and dizzy – even if I take them with food. Right now I’m taking Carlson’s fish oil capsules and folic acid. I learned about some great multivitamins made from actual live foods instead of synthetic vitamins. They’re supposed to completely eliminate that terrible feeling I get after taking vitamins. I just ordered two bottles so here’s hoping!

    PS Nourished Kitchen just had an amazing rhubarb strawberry compote with honey custard that I’m dying to make… check it out.

  2. I take a Nature Made multi-vitamin and Caltrate every morning! My primary care doc recommended the multi and my bone doc the Caltrate. I do take them with a bit of food though or I feel icky!

    I can’t wait to make rhubarb custard pie…YUM!

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