April. Thus far.

OK, let’s get serious here. Where is this month going? How are we already half way through?

So far this month, I have:

  • Made enchiladas. Double decker enchiladas. When I get around to recreating the recipe, I’ll share with you. Just know that they were awesome (and really easy to make!)
  • I also made a raspberry pie. It took me a minute to get the dough right, but I did it.
  • Started running a bit more regularly.
  • Become an Indiana resident. Officially.
  • Received the title, registration, and plates for my new (to me) car.
  • Started my Roth IRA
  • Went climbing in my new shoes(!)
  • Acquired 2 new cookbooks. This could become dangerous.

This weekend has been devoted to catching up. I feel like I’ve been running a mile a minute this month without a moment to catch my breath. Do I regret that? NO! I’m so happy.

Of most important, I started some seeds yesterday! We’ll see how this goes. I hope that I’m more informed that I was last year, and that I’ll actually get my plant babies past the sprout stage. We’ll see. For now, all I’ve got is dirt and cute little labeling flags.

For tomatoes and green peppers, I’m going to skip seeds and buy baby plants once it gets nicer outside.

Single serving greek yogurt containers were on sale at Kroger today. Not to let that go to waste, I made Joy the Baker’s granola, less the coconut. Please try this. Soon. I really like my granola recipe, but Joy’s is really great, too!

All in all, it’s been a great weekend. Low key, but productive. I like attacking Monday feeling like I’m on top of things outside of work: groceries bought, laundry done, bathroom cleaned. It’s all in the small things, kids!

I wanna know:  What did you do this weekend? Was it productive, busy, or both?

2 thoughts on “April. Thus far.

  1. If you want coconut in your granola next time – let me know. We still have a giant bag of it, in spite of the giant handfuls I’m dumping in almost anything I bake.

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