Required Reading

Do you remember being given required reading when you were in school? I do. Sometimes, I hated it because it interrupted whatever else I was reading (which was obviously more fun). Sometimes, I loved it, because, well, I love books.

Here’s some required reading for the foodie in you. The NY Times wrote this really great article. If you ever bake with butter, you need to read it.

It talks about butter, its properties, and its premium temperatures for various baking needs. So, I did a little experiment. A couple of weeks ago, I baked these:

Check out how pillowy, and soft, and adorable they look.

Well, I tried another batch this past weekend, only this time I was in a hurry. Because I was in a hurry, I didn’t have time to let the butter soften on it’s own. I committed the most heinous offense, and put the butter in the microwave for 10 seconds. And you know what? It made a difference!

Not as soft. Not as pillowy. Mostly, just not as adorable.

According to the article, butter is best when it’s 65 degrees: still cold, but spreadable. Once it hits 68, it starts to melt, and then it’s no going back. See…..(please disregard the awful lighting in the picture to the right).

(please disregard the awful lighting in the picture to the right 🙂 )

So, let this be a lesson to you. It’s worth it. Don’t microwave your butter.

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