Weekends are for baking

That’s a statement I believe in strongly. There is no better way to spend a winter weekend than mixing flour, sugar, and butter and enjoying a warm, wonderful smelling kitchen.

I made a pizza to fuel up for the baking marathon:

This pizza crust brought to you by Joy of Cooking. Toppings: mozzarella, onions, scallions, green peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini.

Then, I made muffins. The Simplest Muffins from King Arthur, in fact. Mix in: chopped walnuts.

And chocolate chip cookies. Once again, a recipe brought to you by Joy of Cooking.

Really, guys. This is the best cookbook ever. I love it. It’s full of basic, reliable, and simple recipes for absolutely everything. Wonderful.

I also made a loaf of bread. My bread hasn’t been turning out super great recently. It’s dense and the top of the loaf sinks. Anyone know why this is happening? I haven’t changed my recipe at all, so I have no idea what’s up.

On that note, I should go clean my kitchen….

I wanna know: How was your weekend? Did you bake anything?


6 thoughts on “Weekends are for baking

  1. On the bread, my guess is with the cold weather we’ve been having you are experiencing a cooler raising spot than normal so it needs longer raising time hence the denser quality. Sinking tops usually indicate bread that isn’t quite baked through so then collaspes as the structure of the loaf isn’t firmly set. As far as the sugar cookies you missed last evening, I wll see that you get samples.

  2. With you bread – also check that your yeast is fresh. =)

    If you solve that and the rising issue and still have problems, let me know. There may be some answers in – you guessed it – King Arthur.

  3. YUM!! It seems like every Saturday I find myself heading over to a friends for movies with a fresh treat in tow. I’ve done homemade brownies twice with various mix-ins and this week was blueberry buckle with lemon glaze!! I’ve also recently made banana muffins, pumpkin vanilla muffins and homemade granola bars!

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