December recap and January goals

Hello again, friends! In the spirit of all of the new years resolution-ing, here are my goals for the coming month. I find that I work so much better in the short term than the long term. Anyone with me? Break down the big goals into smaller, more manageable ones? Check out Emily’s great post on this!

So, in that spirit, here’s a brief recap of December:

  • I spent less than $7 on superfluous possessions for myself (but I got a pair of hiking boots, a fleece, 4 books, and 10 records for that $7. I love thrifting!)
  • I didn’t over-eat too excessively over Christmas.
  • I snowshoed. Twice.
  • I booked a ticket to DC for February.
  • I made food, but not gingerbread. I’ll make that in July, I think. Just to be trendy.
  • I stayed active (three cheers for a great week outdoors in MI with family and friends! Sledding, skating, snowshoeing…)
  • Submitted two guest posts to other blogs. One of them was published! I’ll keep you posted on the other.

For January:

  • Continue to stay active, even though it’s cold.
  • Make 3 new recipes off the 101 in 1001 list.
  • Have a great weekend in Chicago with Cara!
  • Memorize the Beethoven movement (carry-over from December. It’s almost there, but not quite).
  • Make 2011 vision board with Lindsey
  • Two more guest posts to other blogs.
  • Journal my 2011 goals/resolutions

Bring on January. A new month. A brand new year. It’s bound to be a good one!

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