Good news, friends! My car is healthy and well and I am now in the Windy City. I love this place. It remains my favorite, of the cities I’ve seen. This could be subject to more traveling and more sight-seeing of other cities in our fair union. But, this is the way it is now. Chicago is the best.

Last night, I arrived in time to consume a yummy, yummy dinner made by my friend Cara (salmon, pesto pasta, garlic bread…yum!) and then we headed downtown.

I’m about to let you in on a little secret for enjoying shows (even expensive shows!) on the cheap (free!). Here it is. Are you ready? Wait for it…..wait for it….  If you volunteer to usher, the theatre/orchestra/show will often give you a free seat. Free. Straight up.

SO, in exchange for smiling and handing out programs for a half an hour before the show and directing traffic for intermission (“bathroom is down in the lobby, on the left.” “Turn right, and you can’t miss the bar.” Etc), you get to see the show/concert. It’s a great deal!

Last night, we headed to The Goodman to see A Christmas Carol. We ushed. We got seats. We enjoyed a great performance of a timeless classic. No photos to prove it, but we did have a photo shoot on the platform while we were waiting to catch the el home. The girls!

All together now:

With many thanks and photo credits to the fine Chicagoan who offered to take a picture so that all of us could be in it. Good people here. Good people.

If you’re interested in being an usher, it’s as simple as calling your favorite theatre or symphony hall and asking if they are looking for volunteer ushers. If they are, get your name on the list for a show that you want to see. They’ll tell you what to wear, give you the time you need to show up, and orient you once you arrive so that you know what you’re doing. Easy as that!

Enjoy the show!

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