I went running tonight. It was a detox run. A “phew, this week is over” run. A cleansing run. A great run.

I wish I had had my camera.

The sun was setting, throwing ribbons of pink and purple and orange over the lake.

The Village was frosted with lights, icicles and snowflakes. Garland. Wreaths.

The roads were dry. The air was crisp. Town was pervaded by a spirit of calm.

As I get ready to head into a week full of the hustling, bustling, and craziness that seems to inevitably strike in the weeks before Christmas, it was good to enjoy the peace of the Christmas season. To revel in the celebration.

I wanna know: Are you busier than usual this Christmas? Have you found some time to rest and relax and enjoy?

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Ever since I started school in September I have been crazy busy, and the holidays are no exception! I try to take extra time to love my doggies and my man every day, and I definitely try to hit up yoga a couple times a week to really get some me time in! πŸ™‚

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