No Kill Shelter

Strays have a penchant for finding me. Remember this one? The cat I wasn’t adopting?

Well, the good news is, after a few weeks of feeding her, she appears to have moved on. Maybe one of the neighbors adopted her. Or brought her to the pound. If it’s the latter, I’m grateful because I didn’t quite have the heart to do so. Feeding her off my back porch was much easier.

That problem solved, it was only a matter of time before the next one made an appearance. Sure enough. Last night, a lady showed up on our porch with an adorable lab-mix, asking us if we knew whose dog he was. I didn’t get a picture of him, but here’s a close likeness:


Pretty, isn’t he? So, here we are, standing in our entry way with this lady we don’t know and this dog. This lovely, adorable dog.

She’s saying, “I can’t take him home, do you know someone who can take him?”

We’re saying, “We can’t take him, our landlord will kill us.”

And the dog is saying….well…the dog is barking. He was not excited about being in a strange house.

While we couldn’t take him in, we knew that the boys up the street would potentially be able to do so. First thing in the morning, we could get in touch with the police station or the pound and figure out if anyone was looking for him.

Ten minutes after the lady left and after the boys took the dog home, I get a phone call. “Um, Rachel. This isn’t going so well. He’s crying, and really doesn’t want to be stuck in this house.”

“OK. I’m coming.” To do what, you ask? I didn’t have a clue. But I got us into this, so I was responsible for fixing it. Right?

With no other options, I attached the leash to his collar and we went for a walk. Maybe he’d lead me to his house. Maybe? We walked probably a mile-ish, at which point I was freezing and decided that he was just an amiable dog that was going to continue to wander wherever, making no effort to take himself home.

When we were almost back to my house, I heard someone in the distance yelling out their car window. Score! I found his owner! We ran up the hill and crossed the street, only to see the car pull out into the main road and drive away. Darnit. So close. So far.

Heading in the direction the car went, hoping that we would see it again, we walked a few more blocks.  One street before we got back home, I saw a car heading down a side street. Very slowly. We headed down the middle of the road toward the car, waving. Oh happy day! It was the dog’s owner. I turned him over to the worried, grateful woman, and walked home.

And now, I want a dog. Really bad. I just need my own house. Minor detail, right?

SIDENOTE: all of this would have been avoided had the dog had a tag with a phone number on it. If you have pets, buy them a tag that has their first name as well as your phone number on it. Then, if they slip out without a leash, you will be the first to know about it.

I wanna know: Do you have a penchant for attracting stray animals, or is it just me? Please don’t say that it’s just me.

3 thoughts on “No Kill Shelter

  1. Dixie came with a tag that has her microchip ID, a tag with her ARPH (the Aussie Rescue) ID#, plus her rabies tag, and her name/phone # tag. (no wonder she jingles….) Even with all that, I hope she never gets lost.

    We’ve had a few strays over the years. Heck, the cat came all the way from TN and he’s still kicking around! Kris wouldn’t let me feed the pit bull puppy that showed up at our door…

    ps. My site has snow, where’s yours? 🙂

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