November goals recap

November was a busy month, but a good month! Is it just me, or do the months go faster as we barrel on toward the new year?

  • Running: continue doing speedwork once a week. Run two 5Ks–Well, I ran one 5k, and boy, was it cold. I didn’t run the second one (a turkey trot) in an effort to watch my budget and save for Christmas. Since that decision was made, I’ve kind of fallen off the speedwork wagon. The Mayflower 5k was fun though! See?

  • Climb at least twice at the Y: I went once. Better than nothing, right?
  • Abs: My plank still needs some serious work. But I think this one I’m going to count a success. Some sort of core strength work has become a part of most days. My abs thank me.
  • Enjoy a great Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends: Check!

  • Swim once a week: Yup! With the exception of Thanksgiving week, but I’m not going to beat myself up over that one.
  • Get a jump start on Christmas shopping, so as to spread out the financial output: Epic fail on this one, friends. I’m such a procrastinator.
  • Organize the closet and the drawers: done and done! I even got rid of a box of stuff.

Go November. I’m excited about my December goals, check back tomorrow!

I wanna know: Was November a good month for you or are you glad to see it go? What’s one thing that you did that stood out above the rest?

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