Kitchen mis-adventures

Cara came to visit me! Part of our day’s plan (not that we had much of a plan) was to bake something amazing. We decided that macarons would be the ticket. We followed this recipe from none other than Martha Stewart.


The macarons turned out great! Except for the fact that they cracked on top. But they tasted great! Our filling was lacking, so, I’m not going to share that recipe (or non-recipe, as the case may be). Once I find a good one (buttercream, anyone?) I’ll let you know.

We ended up with this pudding-esque concoction. Great for dipping!

Thanksgiving tomorrow! Happy thanksgiving, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen mis-adventures

  1. S’okay. I think I’ve seen cracked macarons even in France.

    Ok… maybe not that much. But. I LOVE them. And I bet they were just as tasty. Props for making them. And I’m glad you’re having such a nice time at home. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (… was yesterday.)

    • haha…definitely not cracked that much! But, in my humble, never-having-been-to-France opinion, they were just as tasty 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well! I hope you’re enjoying home!

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