Beer review: TJ’s Mountain Crest

Is there better way to end a Saturday than an nice, cold beer? I’d like to submit that there’s not. Honestly. It’s perfect. I’ve had these guys hanging out in my house for a month now, and only just got around to popping the top on one:

Normally, I’m fairly prejudiced against beer that comes in cans. I feel like it is inferior to beer that comes in bottles, and by far inferior to draft beer. But, ever a fan of Trader Joe’s, and ever one who likes a good deal ($3 6-pack, anyone?), I decided to give it a go.

First off, I think it’s a good, quality beer. I do. The only problem (and one that I should have seen coming from a mile away) is that it’s a light beer. And I’m not a fan of light beers. I’m just not. Give me a stout. Or an IPA. Or even an auburn. A dark auburn. Past that, I just can’t do it. I just can’t handle light beers.

I need to recognize this about myself, and move on. Right? Acceptance is the first step in healing. Etc. Etc.

I wanna know: Are you a beer drinker? What kinds do you like?


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