101 recipes in 1001 days

The people at Day Zero launched a campaign to inspire people to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days. My dear friend/partner-in-crime, Emily, and I decided to give the challenge a twist and a theme. We’re each going to do 101 recipes in 1001 days.


Do some quick math, and you will discover that this is only one new recipe every 9 to 10 days. Totally doable. And, at the end of 1001 days (August 12, 2013, if you’re curious), I will know how to cook 101 stapes and basic dishes and will maybe start to feel a bit at home in a kitchen.

Check out my new page for the current recipe list. It’s far from complete, so there is a lot of room for inspiration. If you want to join us on this quest, feel free to shoot me an email, we’ll add you to our blog rolls!

I wanna know: What should be on my “Must Know How to Cook” list? What do I need to add? Email or comment with a suggestion, a recipe, or a link!

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