Come running with me!

OK, you don’t really have to come running with me, if you don’t want to. I mean, if you do, then knock yourself out. Give me a call 🙂

Something that’s great about living in a picturesque town, is that I get picturesque running scenery. And really, let’s not lie, the WL is very serious about their picturesque.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny-in-the-60s afternoon. Absolutely perfect for a short, fall run. So, I grabbed my point and shoot and headed to my favorite path: the greenway.

To get there, I have to run down my street for 1/2 a mile.

With trees like that around, it’s not really a hardship.

After I make it down the hill, I turn left and get to run on this for the next mile.

Next to the river and through the woods….

Whenever I see berries (elderberry variety?) I think of the elderberry hunting expedition that Darcy and I went on this summer. Fun memories.

Criss-crossing the greenway are miles and miles of mountain bike trails. I have yet to venture out on them, but that’s definitely on the WL bucket list.

Before I knew it, I was all the way down the trail, and half way through my run.

This is how I feel about running in short sleeves on the last day of October:

Multiply the happy face, because I was also wearing shorts and new shoes!

They’re accented with purple (which is not important, I know. what’s important is that they fit well and support my foot contour). But, I’m secretly happy that they’re a pretty color.

Time to turn around and head home!

I learned firsthand that coffee+running≠ a happy Rachel. I just can’t do it. It made me all crampy and gross-feeling. I was glad that yesterday was just a fun run, instead of a run that I “needed.”

The gross feeling was SO worth it. The coffee consumption was due to a date with my friend Cara. Remember Cara?

Cara from awesome, west-ward roadtrip? We went to HS together, and I knew her from church before that. It’s been forever! And I’ve been missing her the last few months while she’s been busy being a grad student. The day was exactly what the doctor ordered!

We met in Valpo, ate brunch, and went to the coffeeshop across the street to drink some joe and continue our chatting and catching up.

Walking up the street, we found a running store, where I spontaneously (despite really bad sales service) bought a new pair of shoes. They were such a great deal. They fit well. I was in the market for new shoes anyway. I couldn’t leave them behind. It felt too serendipitous.

Anyone in for a run? Come on over!

I wanna know: Where is your favorite place to run/walk/hike? Do you live somewhere picturesque?

8 thoughts on “Come running with me!

  1. I also enjoy the Winona trails, mostly for walking. However, the one I walk goes along a creek (pronouced crik) but you can use “river” if you like. HA HA HA! Enjoy the art work long it also. Especially the one along the canal of the child’s hand holding tight to mother’s hand. I think it also represents our holding tight to God’s hand.

  2. My shoes have purple on them too!

    If you maybe only ran that half a mile down your street, I’d consider running with you. But you’re talking to the girl who nearly died from the two-mile warm-up run at the END of track season.

    You know me – I’m the yoga/pilates girl.

    Speaking of which – is there a class at the Y – and would you go with me?

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