My new favorite game

Please ignore me if I’m incapable of lifting my arms over my head for the next few days. I went wall climbing at the Y last night. Why have I not done this sooner? It will officially become my new favorite game. No photos to prove my successful climbs, as I was the one climbing, and the guy belaying me was, well, belaying me and otherwise occupied. But I did it. Pictures to come as I drag my unsuspecting friends along with me next time. Who’s in!?

In other news, I’ve added to my life goals: “learning how to keep a plant alive.” I’m starting with this little guy:

I have been, up until now, for various reason, completely unsuccessful in the quest. I feel like the odds are with me here, and this little herb baby (being that he is presently alive and kicking) to be able to survive me and my less than skilled plant caring abilities. I just have to avoid killing it. Wish me luck.

In even more “other news,” fall is coming to an end here in the WL.

The fierce wind has scared the trees into looking more naked and less painted. The weather is becoming almost-always blustery. ‘Tis the season to rake leaves and then curl up on the couch with a cup of tea. To quote the most recent newsletter of Over the Rhine, “this is the time of year when we squint our eyes and see all the way to New Year’s Day.”

It’ll be here before we know it, friends!


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