What day is it again?

I woke up thinking that it was Thursday. For no reason. Then I talked myself into the fact that it was Tuesday. I just started work yesterday, after all. Then, finally, I arrived at reality. Wednesday. Hump day. Good.

Today was an interesting day. Not going to lie. It was the boss’s birthday. One of my brilliant co-workers made these:

Chocolate truffles, anyone? She’s made them before. They’re chocolate covered balls of chocolate cookie dough. Heaven.

This time around though, she made this plate up especially for our dear boss. Inside, instead of gooey, chocolate-y cookie dough, there were Brussels sprouts. Nom nom. Chocolate covered Brussels sprout truffles. I can just see it now, taking bakeries by storm. Needless to say, we started the morning off with some laughs 🙂

Then immediately after, we had the esteemed privilege of flipping through a Bible. Not just any Bible, but a Bible that was hand written on velum and hails from the mid-1200s.

Whoa. It was beautiful. The writing was so tiny, and the illuminations were beautiful. And the small little color designs added into the margins…. It was a work of art, in and of itself. Mass production, though (maybe) necessary, has definitely robbed us of something. What happened to creating art and beauty and craftsmanship in the things that we use on a daily basis? Why can’t our furniture, kitchen utensils, and books be beautiful as well as functional? Must the two be mutually exclusive? Another discussion for another day…

In the kitchen at work I found these: “Can someone eat the potatoes?” Thanks to the kind soul that left them, and don’t mind if I do!

And do, dinner was inspired! Homemade potato chips and some edamame (from Trade Joes! Woot!)

Quick and easy before I head to rehearsal. Spiffy. Have a good Wednesday, all! Downhill to Friday!


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