I’m Ba-ack!

Hello people-folk!

I just spent the most gorgeous fall weekend in the mountains of VA. The crisp air, the fall colors, the food, beer, and great friends made for a perfect weekend. Not to mention the gorgeous views that we saw….

Friday night, we hiked in and stayed in a shelter. Thank goodness for that shelter, that is all that I have to say. It was SO WINDY Friday night. I think our tents would have blown over. The next morning, we woke up and hiked back up to McAfee Knob, one of the most photographed points on the entire AT. So, of course, we took some pictures! When in Rome, right?

One of the guys brought his beautiful Husky, Skye, along. Cue the music… “It’s the circle, the circle of life.” Oh, Disney. How I love thee.

We hiked this ridge for a few hours….

…and followed it around to Tinker Cliffs, where we stopped for lunch. On the menu: tuna stuffed pita bread. I’ve never liked the smell of tuna, let alone the taste of it. The good news is, it turns out a good day of hiking switches around your taste buds. It was yummy. Go protein! Tuna might just become a fixture…

Nap time:

And one just to prove that we did indeed haul our packs through the woods:

This weekend (besides the hiking), we went out to eat way more than needs to be spoken of. We drove a thousand miles (more for some of us). We got very few hours of sleep. We drank beer(s). We slept on the ground/floor. Every night. We walked through the mountains with packs on our backs. We woke up to the sunrise. We drank water straight from a rock.

And you know what? I loved it. And can’t wait until the next go around.

4 thoughts on “I’m Ba-ack!

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