Brand loyalty

Today was a GORGEOUS day. Very un-October, very warm, very wonderful! I enjoyed part of my morning at the farm market (I got a rutabaga; I believe it’s going to become fries) and part of it reading on the back porch.

In very sad news, my dear blue/green Chaco Z2’s bit the dust last week. I cleaned them, packed them up, and brought them to the post office to send them to ReChaco, crossing my fingers that they could be fixed under Chaco’s awesome warranty policy. Considering, however, that the soles and footbeds cracked straight through, I doubted that that was a possibility.

Unfortunately, I got a call a few days later, telling me that they weren’t fixable via the warranty, but that if I wanted, they could sell me a pair of nearly new sandals, a model newer than my last pair, at over 50% off retail price.

Fully recognizing that this was a “we’d really like to keep your business, and thus your product loyalty, as you may not be super-thrilled with us right now” scheme, I decided to buy them. I LOVE these sandals. Really. If you’re in the market for a pair of sandals, check these out. They’re created to be a sport sandal: hiking, paddling, etc. I wear them all the time when it’s warm though. They keep my poor over-pronating feet from over-pronating themselves all summer in flimsy flippy floppies. Also, they are completely adjustable to shape and contour of your foot. The strap is continuous, so you can adjust each strap down to the millimeter.

When I came inside after awhile, what did I find leaning up against my front door? Nothing other than a shoebox from Chaco!

Don’t mind if I immediately adjusted them, and kicked up my feet and read some more!

I’m every marketing person’s dream. Really. Once I’ve decided that I’m loyal to a product. I’m loyal. Fiercely loyal. What claims my loyalty, you might ask? Almost always, it’s based on a product review and recommendation by someone I know, whose opinion I value.

Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that there are other factors that work with that: good design/logo, my actually liking the product, and my own perceived “need” for it (NO ONE will tell me I need something. I’m defiant like that).

Happiness! I’m a big fan, and I’m thrilled that I have a nice warm weekend to break them in. Here’s hoping that next weekend is just as nice; then they can go on an inaugural camping trip.

In other news, check out the colors. Fall is coming to Winona Lake.

Yay! I love fall colors. It feels like fall out there (except for this weekend’s warm temps), so it might as well look like fall out there.

I wanna know: what brands/products are you loyal to? Why?

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