A trip to the library….

“….has made a new girl of me; and suddenly, I can see the magic of books!” Huge and major points to the person who can name the musical that that quotation comes from.

Today, I went to the library to return to some books and to get some new ones. Among the new ones, I picked up this:

How in the world have I functioned in life without it for the last 23 years? How? I wanna know. This book includes everything you would ever need to know about anything related to food. The recipes are simple and basic, and require, for the most part, ingredients that you’ll have on hand or can easily find in your grocery store. This book is officially on the Christmas list.

Dinner was an acorn squash. This time, I baked it whole, instead of following this recipe. To bake a squash whole (which, as Joy of Cooking taught me, preserves more nutrients than chopping into it), pierce it to the core in 4 or 5 different spots. This will keep your squash from exploding.

The 8 yr old inside of me really wants to know what an exploded squash looks like. True confession. Don’t judge me.

Alright, let your squash bake at 375 for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the size of your squash. This little guy came out in an hour.

Once it’s done, chop it in half. Pull out the guts, and save them to roast the seeds, if you so desire. Then scrape out the squash from the skin and put it in a bowl. I mixed in a Tbs. of butter, a Tbs. of brown sugar, and a Tbs. of honey. Keep it simple. Mix it all up and enjoy! Like this:

Kick up your feet and enjoy a sitcom. I hope your Tuesdays were quite lovely, friends! Bring on hump day 🙂

I wanna know: What’s your favorite sitcom? Current or past….?

Mine would probably have to be either Will and Grace or Friends. Fond memories 🙂

8 thoughts on “A trip to the library….

  1. Here, all this time when I lived with you, you could have borrowed mine. It was on the shelf next to the tv the whole time. Isn’t it a great book? I find it very handy.

    • Joy…it’s amazing! Almost as amazing as you are. But that’s another story for another day. When I was flipping through it on the couch last night, the thought crossed my mind, “To think Joy had this sitting in the living room all last year, and I never knew that beauty that it beheld.” Ah well, I live and learn 🙂

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