Updates. Etc.

Fair warning: this post is a random conglomeration of food, drink, celebration, and the cat. Consider yourself warned. Read on, friends.

First things first, check out the new page I made today: blogs I love. If you’re looking for more healthy living, inspiration, and ideas for good eats, go check out this page. It just begins to tip the ice berg of all of the great bloggers there are out there.

Also, did you know that it’s National Coffee Day? Well. It is. And you have 2 hours left to take advantage. I celebrated with my friend Amy at the Bak-afe….aka, the best coffee shop ever. Coffee and baked goods were consumed during and around great conversation.

Yay for new friends!

Speaking of friends, a very dear friend just found out that his application for a visa to stay in the states was approved! Woot! There may or may not have been a true rebel yell coming from the boss’s office this morning when he got the email. It was priceless. So, we went to Ritter’s on the organization budget to celebrate right before lunch today. It was wonderful.

Here’s most of the gang:

Celebration continued after work with Honduran food, pizza, and wine. I heart wine.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday, recreated a bit. This is dijon salmon with farmer’s market salsa and sprouts on a bed of arugula. Quite tasty. I think I like the combination of it all better than I like the individual parts (at least as far as the salmon and the arugula are concerned).

So, remember the cat from yesterday? This one:

I dare you to say no to those eyes. Dare you.

If you can, you’re my hero. I’m not as strong as you are. So. I bought cat food today at Aldi (aka…best grocery store ever, if you were wondering).

It’s the eyes! I’m telling you. Just look at them.

Give it 5 seconds. You would buy cat food too. Promise. SO, now the cat has a bowl of food and water on our back porch. Don’t judge me. Or tell anyone that might care. Thanks.

I’m waiting for bread to be done baking, and then I am off to bed. I’m exhausted. I blame the wine. And all the junk food that I’ve consumed today. And the fact that I woke up crazy early today. I intend to crash the second the bread is out of the oven.

3 thoughts on “Updates. Etc.

    • hahaha….we’ll see. She can get healthy again, and then then I’ll try to adopt her out. She can’t come inside my house, the landlord wouldn’t appreciate 😦

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