The cat I’m not adopting

Once upon a time, there was a sickly looking cat that spent a few days outside of our house. Crying. The poor thing. At first, it was annoying. Really annoying. Then it was just pathetic. I mean really, the poor creature. And then, today at lunch, it just got to be too much and turned into heartbreaking.

So. I broke down. Please don’t prejudge me for what I’m about to tell you. Ok? Promise?

Alright. Good. Thanks.

Well. I fed it. Number one rule of stray animals….never feed them. I know. I fed it. The poor thing! It looks so malnourished. And it cries. All the time.  It just wanted to be fed. I didn’t feed it well, if that makes any difference at all. Just an old crust of bread. And a bowl of water.

The poor little guy treated it like it was manna from heaven. Aw.

I mean, really, how can you say no to these eyes?

It just sits outside our door. Waiting for us to come out. In my defense, it was doing this for DAYS before I fed it.

It’s sick with something and has bald patches. Is that just from malnourishment? I googled mange and didn’t come up with anything conclusive. Anyone know anything about cats? All I could find was “take your pet to the vet.” Well. Not my pet. I’m definitely not going to pour any money into him. I can’t keep him. Feel free to leave a comment to remind me that I can’t keep the cat. Because part of me still wants to.


Dinner was super tasty tonight. When I came back to IN after road trip West, Dad sent me back with 3 good sized chunks of salmon. I baked one tonight, per the directions of my roommate:

  • coat one side with dijon mustard
  • sprinkle with salt and pepper (and other seasonings, as you desire)
  • drizzle 1 Tbs of butter on top.
  • bake on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

I ate this much, and have about that much left over for lunch tomorrow. SCORE! And there are 2 more filets in the freezer. Double score!


Have you ever adopted a stray animal? If so, what kind? What was it’s name?

8 thoughts on “The cat I’m not adopting

  1. You’re doomed. On a positive note, we’ve had a lot of stray cats come around that we *have* fed (and name!) and they eventually just disappear. Maybe you should just enjoy the friend while you have him.;-)

  2. You can’t let the poor thing starve. You will never forgive yourself. Just go and get a bag of dry cat food, I’m sure it will be happy with the cheap stuff, and put a box with some old towels on your porch. The cat will be happy, and you will be Mama Theresa of the feline world.

  3. We adopted a stray cat named Charlie. He was white with black spots, and had a mustache that looked like Charlie Chaplain. Or Hitler. Depending on how you looked at it. He terrorized our house for months. Dominated the other cat and the dog. Learned how to open doors (awkward when you’re in the bathroom), get into kitchen cabinets, and finally started chewing holes in the window screens so he could enter and exit the house at will. We eventually had to take him to a farm where he could rule the barn with no opposition from people.

    Did you know you can take a stray animal to an animal shelter and it doesn’t cost anything? I heard it on the news this morning. That way you know he gets fed, might even get a home, and it doesn’t cost you anything. Try to look for a no-kill shelter – otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your life worrying you sent the little guy to an untimely end.

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