Sleepy little town

It’s becoming a Sunday afternoon tradition to come down to the Bak-afe, sit on the porch, and people-watch/read the afternoon away.  I heart the Bak-afe. And roommates who buy me cookies while we’re at the Bak-afe.

Yesterday was way fun. It really was. My mom (Hi, Mom!) laughed at me for being excited about our little trip, but I really was. All of these photographs are posted with many thanks to the cookie-buying roommate and her mad artistic skillz.

Check out the cute little bees. On my life to-do list is to own a few frames of bees and have my own honey comb. Also on this list is to have my own chickens. Then I’ll always have (virtually cost-free) brown, cage free eggs. Oh! And apple trees. Sigh. I need a hobby farm and a little orchard. That’s just the long and short of this, I fear. I think I read a bit too much Anne of Green Gables as a child. It just took awhile to sink in and for me to admit to myself that I want to be the 21st century, American version of her. I’ve secretly always wanted red hair and a jersey cow. I have simple dreams and aspirations. I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit that 🙂

OK. I’m off track…back to the orchard.

Roommates! They’re great 🙂

John Deere. Aw. Nostalgia.

Well, I’ve got bread in the oven, so I must run. Crossing my fingers that it works; it’s a new recipe. We’ll see! Here goes a new week. You ready?

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