A slight obsession

I made not one, but 2 batches of cookies tonight. Overkill? Quite potentially. We have a bunch of work people coming over after dinner for a little photo scavenger hunting tomorrow. So….after we finish traipsing around town, we’ll have cookies to munch while we hang out. If there are left overs  (there will be. let’s not lie) I’m willing to ship them out so that they don’t sit and tempt me on my counter. Any takers? Anyone out there?

I made these:

And these:

Recipes I used: BethT’s Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies and Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies.

True confessions: I made the sugar cookies on Sunday night, too. It was necessity. They’re so good. A very nice cross between a sweet, sugar cookie and a shortbread.

I might as well just come right out with it; I have this thing for cookies. We have a less-than-mild love affair. I am willing to risk life, limb, and my waist line to continue this relationship into the long-distant future.

In other news, check out the bling to the right! A big shout out and thanks to Foodbuzz.

Congrats on making it half way through the week…downhill to Saturday, people folk!

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