Good bye, summer

Hello fall!

As much as I love summer and hate to see it go, I’m excited about all the uniqueness of fall that is coming my way. Maybe I can only say that because it feels so summery today (88 degrees, sunny, warm breeze..) Maybe if it were blustery and cold and cloudy, I wouldn’t be so excited to see fall heading my way.

After all, the summer has been great! Check out Posts I love to see all of summer’s adventures. I backpacked the AT, ran a half marathon, had a great 4th of July weekend, and went on an epic roadtrip to see the West coast. All this on top of surviving my first MasterWorks Festival.

But, bring on fall. I love:

  • cooler running temperatures
  • fall vegetables….squash and pumpkins
  • spice cake and cookies and bread and….
  • falling leaves and their beautiful colors
  • weekend camping trips
  • apples and the orchards that they come from
  • hot cider and cinnamon sugar donuts
  • hoodie sweatshirts
  • crisp breezes
  • bonfires

That said….bring it! I’m ready for a new season. A new selection of in-season produce. A new contingent of clothing (scarves? sweaters? jackets? anyone?)

What do you look forward to, now that it’s the first day of fall? What’s your favorite part of this season?

4 thoughts on “Good bye, summer

  1. I love Fall. I love the jackets and scarves, and the crisp weather (but not cold, I hate cold:) I love taking walks with the leaves changing colours and falling around me, and I especially love curling up at home on the cooler nights with a blanket, movie and hot chocolate. And of course, there’s the food. Fall is one of my favourite seasons in terms of the homey, rustic soups, chilis, slow cooking, fresh baked breads….

  2. I think my favorite part of fall is long walks on blustery days when the multicolored leaves are thick on the ground. They whirl and rustle about, and give a nicely satisfying crunch under your feet as you walk. You’re wearing a hoodie and a pair of jeans, and the wind is ruffling your hair. The lake takes on a new personality, as if its restlessly dreading a long winter stuck under a layer of ice. The birds all sound just a little mournful as they head toward their winter haunts. Yet, the sky is still blue, and the wind is crisp but not cool. To me, fall also means cute boots, new notebooks and pens, and shiny new textbooks – even if I’m not in school!

    Fall is always the perfect antidote for a long, hot, humid summer. It holds the peaceful hope of summer with a promise of cozy adventures and the impending challenge of a cold winter, all rolled into one particularly perfect season.

    • “It holds the peaceful hope of summer with a promise of cozy adventures and the impending challenge of a cold winter, all rolled into one particularly perfect season.” I love this! So true! And so beautifully written.

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