Acorn squash…does this mean it’s fall?

Hellooooooo, Saturday! Aren’t you a welcome sight?

It’s been a great weekend so far here in the WL. The eats for the weekend have been super yummy. I made an acorn squash. Wanna learn how? Of course you do!

FIRST, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Second, chop your squash buddy in half and clean out all the guts (save them for the next project. you don’t want to be wasting a good snack). Then, the hole in each half gets a Tbs of buttah, a Tbs of brown sugar, and a squirt of maple syrup. The result:

In order to bake, you’re going to want to cover the bottom of your cookie sheet with a layer of water so the squash doesn’t dry out.

Bake for 45ish minutes.

Scrape the squash off the skin and mix it together with the syrup/sugar concoction. Enjoy!

Now, about those squash guts that you have hanging out on your cutting board? Clean off all the goo so that you only have clean seeds left.

Dry off your seeds. You can either lay them out on a cookie sheet to air dry, or force the process with paper towel. I was impatient, and so, chose the latter.

Once they’re (reasonably) dry, put them in a bowl and add 1 Tbs EVOO and 1 tsp. sea salt.

Mix it all together and spread them out on a tin foil covered cookie sheet.

While you’re eating your squash, let the oven cool to 275 degrees. Once it’s sufficiently temperatured, bake the seed buddies for 18ish minutes. If you hear them popping before that, take them out!

Salty, crunchy yumminess. Perfect fall snack. I can’t wait to carve pumpkins and have a whole pumpkin full of seeds to roast!


In other news, we were at Barnes and Noble today and saw this display labeled “trends in business.” The books are all about social media.

We’re talking about publicity, advertising, and PR at work a lot these days. We understand that social media plays a huge part in all those things, yet are still honing our skills to best use the tools we have.

I want to know: What methods of social media do you prefer when you’re on the receiving end of advertising and publicity? Email? Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? All of the above?

Do you have any advice for a small, young organization that is trying to build an online presence for past and future constituents?

3 thoughts on “Acorn squash…does this mean it’s fall?

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