Is it Friday yet?

I have to keep reminding myself that it isn’t Friday. I know that it’s Thursday. I do. I just want it to be Friday so badly that I can’t help but keep wishing.

It’s been something of a weird week in the food world as I’m out of some normal staples (pasta sauce and cheese namely. does that say something about me and my eating habits?) but I refuse to go grocery shopping as I have so much fresh food from the farmer’s market. It seems like a crime to be spending extra money on food when I have fresh local produce to eat.

The moral of that story: I haven’t been real grocery shopping this week. Love it. My lunches have turned fairly boring though. I’ve just been eating salads in various forms.On Tuesday, I made the mistake of putting the wrong salsa on my salad. The result? My mouth was on fire for a good hour after I finished that one.

Today’s was perfect, though! I love putting cold pasta on my salads. It gives it another texture and makes it last longer (en mi humble opinion). It’s so easy. Just boil pasta, like you would if you were going to eat it hot. And then, as you drain it in a colander, run it under cold water to cool it down. And then…cold pasta!

Today’s salad was cold pasta, salsa, and sprouts on a bed of mixed greens. So quick to make, easy, filling, and nutritious. Perfect.

Oh yum.

It sort of made up for the M&Ms I munched on this afternoon at work. Darn the community M&M bowl that sits conveniently on the table outside my office. The table that’s on my way to just about anywhere else and back again in the office. Sigh.

A note about spouts: my spouts have been exploding recently! I’ve since grown two more containers of sprout seeds and each one has sprouted really quick and yielded more sprouts than my first attempt. I’m not doing anything differently, so I have no wisdom to impart on that front. Just that they I love having them in my fridge and they make the perfect addition to any cold dish: sandwich, salad, appetizer. They might be my new favorite.

Anyone else looking forward to the weekend? What’s in the gameplan?

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