It worked!

I made a loaf of bread. Rather, I made two small loaves of bread. It needs some tweaking before I make the next batch, as these two loaves are both very dense. Tasty, but very dense. They’re closer to a baguette than they are sandwich-making bread.

That’s really quite fine with me. I’m not knocking on my bread. I’m just thrilled that they’re edible! The dough rose, and it baked, and it’s not burnt, and it’s not under-done, and I can eat them. Happy day!

I cannot recommend Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day enough. Honestly, if I can have success with a loaf of bread, you can too. Promise. Next week, it’ll be easier now that I some idea of what’s coming next.

True confession: I haven’t actually bought the book, yet. I took the master recipe off a blog and used that for this first attempt. Now, I’m hooked. I’m going to order the book and start baking my way through it.

On a sad note, I got a call from the museum saying that the photography class I was going to take didn’t generate enough interest, so they are canceling it. What!? Really? I was bummed all afternoon.

The good news: I get my money back. That’s really the only good news I can find. I was really excited about the opportunity to take the class and learn something about an art form that I appreciate, but know very little.Β  Ah well, maybe something else will come around. Until then, “Take a Photography Class” isΒ  still on the bucket list.

Congrats on getting through another Monday, everyone!

One thought on “It worked!

  1. Sorry about the class; it sounded fun. I would love an excuse to get in the darkroom again.
    But….if you’re in need of any other “old school” equipment, I’m thinking it’s time to get rid of mine. πŸ˜‰

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