I’m a party animal

What can I say? It’s Friday night, just before 9 pm, and I’m already in my pjs for the night. Woot.

Last night, Lindsey and I went on a spider hunt. Some background: Lindsey’s room is in the basement and has a walk out porch. She’s seen spiders thatare very large that she feared might be brown recluse spiders (as they are fairly common around here). So, we went on a spider hunt so that we could catch one and figure out what it was. And ….success!

Aww…. Cute little guy. Turns out, after some intense examination and comparison, this is merely a funnel weaver grass spider. They aren’t aggressive or poisonous, they’re just very fast. Which means that it was only because of our mad skillz that we caught one in the first place. After a thorough search of the rest of the bedroom, we set off bug bombs to get rid of anything we may have missed. Good as new!

Tonight was an art walk in the Village, where all the shops and restaurants stay open a bit later. Some friends from work were playing on the porch of the Bakafe. Coffee was consumed, Corelli’s music was enjoyed, pumpkin cookies (!!) were tasted, books were read. All in all, a great Friday night.

Also, I got my welcome letter from the South Bend Museum of Art!

One of my goals for the fall was to take a class in something that I was interested in, but didn’t know much about. I found a photography class at the art museum…perfect! It’s a black and white SLR photography class, so we’ll learn how to take and develop photos the old school way. I have all of my dad’s old equipment, so I’m set to go. I’m really excited about it, but kind of nervous! Class starts Tuesday….stay tuned 🙂

What’s something new that you’ve tried in the last few months or have plans to try soon?

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