Tomato Basil Goodness

So how awesome was guest post from Darcy yesterday? For real. She’s the best.

The past few days, I’ve been eating a lot of tomatoes, basil, cheese, and sprouts. And it’s been great. So fresh. So wonderful.

The first time was at Emily’s house for her birthday dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILY! Her mom made us a super tasty bruschetta for an appetizer.

Then, last night, inspired by Darcy, we made the same sort of dish before dinner. The base is farmer’s market bread with butter and garlic salt, toasted for a few minutes in the broiler. Then, we layered tomato (from the garden), fresh basil, parmesan, and sprouts.

So tasty. And so easy. And so lending to variation. Switch up the kind of cheese…try fresh mozzarella. Try different kinds of bread: pita, rye, or skip the bread entirely and use the tomato as the base.

If you want a traditional bruschetta (a la Emily’s birthday dinner), just chop the tomatoes and basil finely, add some EVOO, and serve on a bread substance of choice. Yum!

Officially my new favorite, easy to make, summer appetizer!

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