Winona Lake by Day

On my way (sort of) between Michigan and North Carolina, I stopped to visit Rachel and thought it would make a fun guest post.  Rachel scampered off to work in the morning and I set out to discover Winona Lake on my own, armed with a book and some insider info as to where I should stop.  Of course, the first thing I did was head down to the water to look for sailboats.  The lake must be fairly shallow because all I saw were small catamarans.
Such a cute fricken town. All the little shops have signs out front.
So I wandered down by the water and found the Killarney Castle (PRIVATE RESIDENCE). Right after I took the picture I saw a woman cleaning right by the window. Oops.
I tried to make myself round to blend in with some park art.
I figured I could knock out the downtown shops in about ten minutes, as it’s a pretty small area. However, by the time I made it to the cafe that Rachel said I MUST stop at, it was nearly 11:30. It is blazing hot outside today (hence the sundress), so going into the cafe was a nice relief. As promised, the ginger cookie was delicious…
…and it went well with my recommended book, Humble Masterpieces: Everyday Marvels of Design . So there I sat, munching on my cookie and reading about spark plug design.
But, as I said, it was 11:30 so I didn’t linger too long. Rachel was coming to take me out for my first sushi experience! Yes, that’s right. My name is Darcy and I have never tried sushi. I’ll confess. And being the research maven that I am, I can tell you that what we ate today is called makizushi (literally “rolled sushi”). I tried a spicy Siren maki (right after I learned how to use chopsticks).
Rachel was an old pro at it by then. At least, she seemed like it, until she had to pour some soy sauce onto her plate. We admired the rectangular plates.
So it’s been a busy morning! And now I sit in her office, using old-fashioned html to insert my photos because WordPress is apparently furious at me (undoubtedly because I went with Blogger rather than WordPress for my blog).

But the day is only half over! Stay tuned to hear more about Winona Lake by Night!

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