Day 1 and some berries

One of the projects that I alluded to on my last post is growing my own sprouts this year. Darcy’s mom kindly gave me some alfalfa sprout seeds, and Darcy will be guiding me through this process for the next week. First things first, the creation of a container.

You need three things:

Alright, there it is. Gather a jar, a lid rim, and some scrap screen. Assemble, like so:

Now you’re good to go! (I think) The seeds need to soak for 24 hrs. Check back tomorrow for an update on the sprout babies. They’ll start soaking once I get home tonight πŸ™‚

I’m currently on my way back to Indiana, and am being a total procrastinator about it. I stopped in Kalamazoo to pick some raspberries at my grandparents house (they’re in CO, and so no one is picking off the bushes. More for me!)

Pretty! What you don’t see is the swarm of bees that were buzzing my ears and the mosquitoes that insisted on biting me, despite the fact that I was coated in bug dope. Ugh. Apparently, they were pretty ticked that I was invading their otherwise quite peaceful habitat.

Despite their discouragement, I picked a decent amount. Honestly, they were so ripe, they basically fell off the bush.

I could have picked twice this had I not been molested by so many bugs. Ah well… so it goes.

I’ll freeze half for smoothies this winter, and eat half this week. Hopefully. I think the key will be to freeze the half BEFORE I eat the half. And not expect myself to have the discipline to do it later. Because let’s be honest, when it comes to fresh berries, I just don’t have the discipline.

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