Crafty, Crafty!

This week, I decided that I needed an apron. I came to this conclusion for two reasons: A) I have goals and adventures planned for this fall that will necessitate one. B) Darcy inspired me, as she oft does. I had plenty of fabric options to choose from out of a bag of fabric I picked up at a garage sale back in the day.

Since I have time in excess while I’m at home, as well as a sewing machine at my disposal, I picked up a pattern for less than $3 and set to it this morning.

First step, cut fabric:

The cat approves of my progress.

Next step, iron all seams before sewing. It helps. It really does. I’d like to say that I knew that on my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t. My mom told me so, and I responded skeptically, thinking that it was a waste of time. She was right. She almost always is. It’s not a waste of time.

Sooo…..iron the seams I did! Then on to the sewing machine….

Yay! After a bunch of jumping up and down between sewing machine and ironing board (and doing a small bit of seam ripping; don’t judge me!), I have a finished project! For approx. $4. Not so shabby.

I am wearing shorts underneath. Promise. And I am fairly pleased with the turn out of my Saturday morning’s project. Not going to lie 🙂

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