The Vee-Dub

World, meet Jan (pronouned Yahn), my beloved automobile.

Jan is a very kind car, putting up with all of the traveling that I ask of him, and hauling around all of the toys that I strap to the rack on his roof. He handles this all with very little fuss.

In just the last year and a half, he has carried me home several times from Mississippi. He was the vehicle that took Erica and I on our awesome graduation celebration roadtrip . He carried me, my kayak, my bike, all of my books, my kitchen appliances, and belongings from MS to North Carolina and Virginia, and then to my new place in Indiana. He carried me to Tennessee before my first backpacking trip, and waited patiently in Davenport Springs until we came back.

He graciously puts up with all of my weekend gallivanting. Which is a lot. All in all, Jan has served me well in the past 1.5 years.

Sadly, I must say, in all of that time, I have yet to give him a bath (besides a couple runs through the carwash) and most assuredly have never waxed him.

So, in a rare fit of ambition yesterday, Jan got the royal treatment. I headed to the store to pick up the necessary supplies, and set to work. But not until I took some before pictures.

So there ya have it. Jan had cosmetically seen better days. After a couple of hours of soap, water, several towels, an entire bottle of wax (wax on, wax off), he looked like a new man!

Look at him shine! Honestly. Do a little comparison. The color difference from the wax is amazing! Phenomenal!

Before and after:

Beautiful! The inside even got a little TLC.

Nothing like a trash bag, a vacuum, some armor all, and a new air freshener to make a car feel special.

In addition to all the love, Jan is now outfitted with a new brake light, a repaired coolant reservoir, and a de-greased engine. Thanks, Dad! All of that is probably actually more important than a mere bath; I understand that. It just seems so much more boring….

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