…to get back on the road again.

From Utah, we headed east. And further east. And further east. Sigh. The last 4 days of the trip were long days of driving. I can’t begin to explain to you how long they all felt. We reached the point where we felt like that was our life: wake up at the crack of dawn, drive until dark, meet the kind people who were hosting us, eat dinner, and then crash for a few hours, only to wake up and do it all over the next day. Exhausting! I’m glad to be out of the car 🙂

Alright. Whining over. Between here and there, we saw some gorgeous sections of this fair country of ours. We also saw Kansas. Hahaha….just kidding! Kansas was nice, too 🙂

Colorado was my favorite. I just love it. I love driving through the mountains (and imagining all of the great backpacking that goes on in them :)). And I love Colorado Springs. The girls laughed at me for all the times I said, “I could so move here!” Though I did say it a lot, and though it was mostly true with the rest of the places, I really mean it with CO. Happiness resides there. I’m convinced.

This is their idea of a highway. Seriously. I just love it.

We stayed the night at my uncle’s house, where my grandparents are currently visiting. His house is great. He has a hot tub out back, the back deck has a view of Pike’s Peak. Wow! Hiking Pike’s Peak is on my bucket list. Just an FYI.

The next morning, we headed up to the bakery for breakfast. Ah, Dutch food….

We didn’t have much time in the Springs, but we did take a few minutes and headed out to the Garden of the Gods.

After a short walk, we hit the road and drove all the way through Kansas on our way to see our friend Brian in Kansas City. This is what Kansas looks like:

‘Bainers, look familiar?

Then, less than 24 hrs later from this view, and we were pulling back into Chicago.

2 weeks.

6,276 miles.

17 states.

1 province.

Adventure of a lifetime. Until the next one.

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