…Just can’t wait…

And so, dear reader, from chilly San Francisco, we once again headed across the Bay Bridge. Next stop: Sacramento.

We met Cara’s friend Rob, who goes to school nearby. He took us to this great Mediterranean restaurant. Flaming cheese! (What’s it really called? I forget).

Anyway. It was tasty.

Those are faces of happy people, right there.

That evening, we stayed with some of Cara’s friends from Trin who live just outside Sacramento. It was way too short of a visit, but the road was calling our names. We hopped in the car bright and early the next morning for our trek to Salt Lake City.

Nevada had a stark look to it, but it was, nonetheless, quite beautiful. Before long, we were in Utah. Welcome to the salt flats!

It’s not snow, promise. It’s a field of salt. Just chilling on the side of the highway. Honestly, we saw several landscapes that likened unto the moon quite well. Apparently, this stretch of country is well known for setting driving speed records, as well as being used to shoot several movies (i.e. Independence Day).

Some more Trin friends put us up in Salt Lake City. Check out their view:

I’m standing on their apartment balcony facing East. How awesome is this!? I could definitely get used to a view like this.

The next day, we drove the rest of the way through Utah. I was surprised by the beauty in this state! Honestly, before this trip, I never gave it a second thought. Now, it’s on my list of States to go Back To. The rock formations that we saw even from the road were gorgeous!

From Salt Lake City, we have three long days of driving before we’re home.

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